A list of useful resources relevant to growing regional innovation, including tools and templates.


Regional Innovation Ecosystem Maturity Model

Meshpoints adapted this model from the Queensland government while drafting the Regional Addendum to the WA State Innovation Strategy. This framework has proven to be useful in working with government and industry to demystify 'ecosystems' and create actionable strategies. 


Meshpoints Learning Modules Overview

In 2017-18 Meshpoints piloted  a series of learning modules for regional innovation facilitators with a cohort of five facilitators new networks and incubators. This document gives an overview of the audience, requirements, commitments and structure for the initial modules.


Meshpoints Practitioner Qualifications

In 2017-18 Meshpoints has grown a practitioner network for regional innovation leaders and facilitators. Practitioners participate in fortnightly action-learning webconferences, learn and collaborate together using an online network and receive a curated news feed and newsletter with the latest relevant news and announcements. This document outlines who can join as a practitioner.


Strategies and ReportS

There are a range of strategies and reports relevant to regional innovation in Western Australia. We have curated a list of the most useful and will update the list as more become available.