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Current projects include:

Meshpoints alliance

Growing a network of practitioners from independent organisations who collaborate and learn together to increase their effectiveness in service of regional communities. Join the email list for invitations to join the network and activities.

East Pilbara Innovation centre

Meshpoints assisted government and NGO partners to successfully attract funding for an Innovation Hub in Port Hedland. Since early 2017 we have been providing: 

  • specialist advice on building design, business model development, community engagement and digital platforms,
  • mentoring, recruitment and training for key staff to be involved in delivery, and introductory public workshops.

Newman business activation project

Mentoring, business planning and facilitating collaboration to ensure the Newman Town Square development delivers social and economic outcomes through local business activation.


Past projects include:

growing innovation in the Great Southern

Meshpoints were engaged to deliver presentations, workshops, training and recommendations to an alliance of organisations in the Great Southern. We efficiently delivered both site-specific advice, training in facilitation and startup methodologies, and an initial roadmap for innovation across the region.

State Regional Innovation Strategy

Meshpoints worked with practitioners from every region to draft a prioritised strategy for growing innovation. The draft strategy framework enables easy assessment of the relative the maturity of 'ecosystem' in each region. The final draft document was accepted by the state agency, with contents informing the development of the approach taken by the new State government. As part of the process we reviewed all the relevant precedent strategies from around Australia