Regional Innovation Growth

Below and attached in a presentation are our current recommendations for growing WA’s regional innovation capability and ecosystem from 2018-2021

This is a critical area of need.

The State Innovation Strategy and and innovation ecosystem maturity model emphasises how capability and connectivity amplify investments in infrastructure or initiatives in specific regions or industries.

All relevant state government agencies and Ministers have requested our advice in this area, and we are reaching out to Federal agencies too.

These recommendations have been consistently made in a range of WA government strategies and reports since 2013. In 2017-18 we reviewed the recommendations, and in consultation with regions demonstrated the need, merit and benefit has only grown.

What we haven't yet seen is what is needed: follow-through, commitment and collaboration on implementation.

If you want to collaborate on growing our regions through innovation, please get in touch.


The recommendations are aligned with the pillars in the State Innovation Strategy, and the ‘Innovation Ecosystem Maturity Model’ adapted from Advance Queensland and presented in the Regional Addendum.

Key principles and assumptions include:

  • Align - funding with intended impact, and align programs across governments

  • Outreach - communicating effectively with regions takes time and investment

  • Leverage - off existing initiatives: hubs, networks, funds, programs, events

  • Grow - be strategic about growing local ecosystems as per maturity model

  • Target - target sectors, locations to deliver the most benefit locally, and for the state

Recommendations for 2018-2021

These recommendations are not in priority order. They are specific to the scope of:

  • Focus: state-level initiatives, reaching all relevant regions

  • Excluding: region or industry-specific actions, ‘regionalising’ existing programs (e.g. IOTY), cross-agency cooperation on innovation (in itself a very important action).

A. Mapping and Reporting

B. Champion capacity building

C. Digital connectivity hubs

D. Access to education

E. Showcases and investment

We estimate a 3-year government investment (Federal, State and Local) of $1.7 million over 3 years would leverage 100 to 200% cash and in-kind leverage from partners.

Details of the recommendations are in the presentation below - click image to view/download.

We can provide full details of precedent programs (previous, interstate, piloted or currently running) for all of these recommendations.

Contact us for further details and to collaborate on implementation. 

Andrew Outhwaite